Friday, November 25, 2005

tHis soNg is spEcially deDicated to our's meaNingful.

By: S.H.E

忽然想到一起開始的旅程 這幾個字有種溫暖的氣氛
如果用來形容我們 是不是很巧妙傳神

從沒想過事情會這樣發生 原本陌生的人闖進了人生
從此生命中多出你們 也多出無限可能

一起作伴 一起遊玩 一起分享青春的寶藏
一起前進 一起轉彎 一起想下一個夢想

My baby You baby 什麼都不想錯過
用心感動 這旅程中 因你而加倍的感動

My baby You baby 讓我多記下一些沿路感受
那將會是我 最美最好的收穫

這是一段我們秘密的旅程 別人很難了解其中的興奮
可惜沒空理會他們 我在意的只有你們

未來還有很多事情要發生 豐富我這有人相伴的人生
只要我轉身看見你們 每天都精采萬分

感謝你願意陪伴我 不然我將會多麼寂寞
不然如何能把淚水 變成回憶的彩虹


i'm finally done with the posting of the Pictures...hey. it took me a lot of time k.all the 80 photos taken on the 22nd Oct.thnx pple for the fun that day (though walking up and down plaza sing to find a place for dinner wasnt).enJoy thE pHotos anD candID shots!!
finAl shOt of The day
yIn ninG helPing kEn wiTh hiS movEs...i think ken is obsessed with dancing
kEn trying to learn the new couple dance
hmmm...something fishy is going ard here...haha
OMG....kEn n edrei!!!!
and again...
opps he did it again...
nauGhty kEn's doing
aiyo...wanTed to stretch our hAnds to thE max but camera screen is too small.
piggyback tiMe
whY is edRei alwAys bEnding dOwn?hmmm...
weiRd shot
kEn tryinG to tAke reVenge...
change over of roles...haha
ken is acting cool
mY cAndid shot fRm abOve
ah....gOek's in dEmand
yO yOz
shA lala~~~~
hAppy..sha lala~~~
gEok's finGers and tHe littLe toWer
outta Plaza SingapuRa
oUr table
messy messy
footing the bill
you can cover but u cant hide...hehe
gUess who?
shAky shAky!
looK @ eDrei
anOther attEmpt
adE anD i tryinG to tAke eacH othEr witH ouR individUal cameras
naughty kEn trYing to tAke cAndid shOts too
thE guys...obviously
hmmm...what's kEn trying to do with ade's cam?